Do you offer customised orders

Yes we do! To create a customised order use the order sheet on the homepage. This will generate an order and we will liaise with you using the contact details provided

Do you have a physical store

Not currently but it is something we are working towards. We do appear at selected craft and trade affairs and we promote our appearances ahead of time and online

Do you deliver internationally

Deliveries are currently only for UK based orders but we are looking to deliver internationally in the future. Please follow us on our social media and online for updates

Why do orders take 3-4 weeks to process

All of our products are made by hand. The time it takes to make your order can vary depending on the shape and size of item. In addition to this we are reliant on our suppliers delivering our wool to us, this can sometimes take upwards of a week. We will endeavour to get your order out to you as quickly as possible and will update you of the progress of your order at all stages


We deliver our orders via a courier service. Deliveries take 2-3 days to deliver from date of dispatch

Product Care

We use variety of natural and acrylic wools. Different types of wool have different washing instructions. Merino Wool: Clean any spillages/stains by gently dabbing with a cloth and lukewarm water. It is recommended to occassionally dry clean your Corriedale/Merino product. Do not use washing machine or tumble dryer as this will damage the quality of the wool. s Chenille Wool: Is machine washable. Wash on a low, delicate or gentle setting. Do not tumble dry. After washing reshape and lay flat to dry so your product retains its shape. Acrylic Wool: Follow same washing instructions mentioned above for Corriedale/Merino wool when washing larger Acrylic items such as throws, blankets or rugs. Smaller items can be machine washed on low, gentle or delicate settings, reshape and lay flat to dry so shape of item is retained

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not currently have the facility to offer payment plans but will be looking to implement this is in the near future. Please follow our website and social media for promotional offers and sales

Do you make Baby/Childrens Clothing?

We currently have a small range of baby hats, mittens, boots and blankets. We will be introducing a more comprehensive range of Childrens clothing. Keep following us on our website and social media for further info

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